My 6th: Hood to Coast 2016

30 Aug

The last full weekend of August you can usually find me and 11 of my friends running Hood To Coast. No exception this year.  I had applied for a team before I decided to do Ironman Wisconsin. I thought well we got a team last year there is no way we will get in again this year. I was wrong. We got in. That wasn’t my favorite conversation with my coach but he “allowed” me to take part!!

I decided to run leg 12 this year. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen with work so I thought the later the better!! We had a late start time this year. BUT it probably benefited me the MOST because it got into the high 90s on Friday!

IMG_5664Van 1: Shawn(2), Dan(4), Christa(3), Kat(5), Alana(1), and Doug (6)

Team Fanny Pack was off and running at 10:15 Friday morning.

Van 2: was a little anxious to get on the road because of traffic but we managed to get to the first major exchange early enough to stop and get coffee. I decorated the suburban a bit.  We sat in the shade and waited for van 2’s arrival.

IMG_5654Van 2: Rollin(10), Stephanie (7), Me(12), Laura(11), Erica(8), and Nik(9)

Erica and I were the only ones with duplicate fanny packs.  Everyone was pretty creative with them.  They definitely come in handy!! Phone, gum, credit card, chapstick!! Hello!

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 8.44.17 PM

We met up with van 1 and all of a sudden we were off and running!!! It was HOT!!! Everyone did awesome in the heat!! I couldn’t have been happier being leg 12. I didn’t run until about 7:30.  By that time the sun had gone done. It had cooled off but still a bit humid!

I ran a pretty flat leg of 6.4 miles and averaged 9:45s.  I didn’t want to get crazy. I was running on tired legs anyway since I was getting ready to start to taper for Wisconsin! Not ideal but it decent! No pressure.  :)

Van 1 took back over and we headed for food, showers, and a few hours of sleep!

We took back over the running at about 3am.  We all felt relatively good and ran good!!

My second leg started about 7 so the sun was up. It was a nice crisp morning. It was a treat since I have been trying to run in the heat of the day for the last couple of weeks preparing for WI! As you all know the night leg is always my favorite leg. This was no exception except it wasn’t nighttime. It wasn’t even early morning!! My second run was awesome. Felt awesome!! I averaged 9:31s for 4.87 miles. Flat-ish.

After sitting in traffic for about 2 hours(that is the problem with van 2) we finally got to the next major exchange to sleep for a bit.  I always feel like it’s the hardest to sleep at this exchange because we don’t really know how the other van is doing because there is no cell service.  We were about 20 minutes ahead of the spreadsheet when van 1 took over for the 3rd legs.  But we didn’t know if they would keep it about 20 minutes or if it would be faster or slower you never really know!

About 40 minutes before we were due next (about 20 minutes ahead of the 20 minute ahead of schedule) Erica and I went to use the port-a-potty. While we were standing in line, Erica was like oh no is that Doug(at the exchange point).  It was! Erica ran to get Stephanie and I ran to tell Doug she was on her way. Luckily enough he had just gotten there and Steph was ready to roll!! So now we were about 30 minutes ahead of schedule!!🙂

We ran back to the van and we were off again!!

This was exchange 32 and Erica was getting ready to run!! We look so delirious!!


The last legs were good. Everyone was still feeling strong and right on pace.

I was the caboose.  I was finally going to finish this relay off.  I had a 5.2 mile run into Seaside. I averaged 9:51s. A few rollers to start and then flat.  There was some headwind and it was cool.

It was fun to run into the finish line.  It is a little anticlimactic at HTC because they make you wait for your whole team.  We get our finish time but once everyone is there we can run through the actual finish line.

First a selfie:


We still didn’t get everyone in when the volunteer took the picture!!


We had an awesome time!! Fantastic team!! We came in 30hours  and 52 minutes.  We were 30th out of 107 in the mixed submasters(everyone had to be 30) division.  Until next year!






Inside 35 DAYS!

7 Aug

WELL we are inside 35 days until Ironman Wisconsin. Training has been going really good so far.

Swimming: Swimming has been steady. Intervals are hard. I felt like I was getting faster in April/May and then something happened. I was tired and not making interval times. I was a little frustrated but kept trying. I was writing Chris, saying I was tired..the swim was rough..I was trying to rally. BUT whatever I was doing it was working.

I had an awesome 4000m swim at Hagg Lake. Always a fun event and a good marker.

My swim in CDA was really good too!! That is always a good marker too!

I’ve had a few good 3200M training swims at Hagg in the last couple of months!


I’ve really stopped worrying about it! I go to the pool and swim my laps. Do my intervals. If I only have a few seconds rest, I only have a few seconds rest and chalk it up to all the one other hard work I’m doing.  I’m putting in the work and that is all I can do!

Biking:  This is the first year that I have really used my power meter.  I’ve been nailing my intervals.  I’ve had a few awesome rides with some friends.

Rode Larch Mountain with Nadia.


I have not done this ride (all the way to the top) since I trained for IM Canada ’09. I tried to find my time from that day but couldn’t find it!! I record everything, I just have to look harder!!🙂



I had a couple great rides with Darrell.  We ride really well together!!


I had a SWEET ride to the coast yesterday!!  Portland Triathlon club does a ride to the coast every year. They have a 100, 65, and 40 mile option. There was 6 of us who finished the 100, 8 started but 2 ended up doing the 65.


We all started together and when we started climbing we all kind of dispersed. I had intervals to do so I was ok riding by myself.  It kept me engaged and positive. I fueled. I rode smart. I felt amazing. Really pumped with how it went!!  I rode with Blake for a bit and did some chatting. He is training for CDA/his first IM!! I finished really strong!!

I’m pretty sure that is the fastest training century I have ever done! Bam! I had a knee problem before CDA and have been seeing a PT. She says my glutes (weren’t) firing. They now have finally joined the party. I’ve been doing my PT exercises 2x/day for the last 6 weeks. She says they are definitely firing now!! Bam!!



We saw some whales too! Super fun!

Running: Has been surprisingly great. It is always a work in progress as you know.  I’ve really been working hard. I run with some Oiselle gals on Wednesday. I can absolutely credit Liz, Nadia, and Krysta for making me run faster and getting me out of my comfort zone!  I’ve been doing my long runs in conjunction with those runs to make it extra hard!🙂

Dan and I have had a couple runs together. Usually start together, but I always have to go longer!


Needless to say training has been going good and I am contemplating another Ironman next year. I hate to say that with 5 weeks to go because anything can happen. But I’m positive and happy!

The Olympics might kill me!  I love them!!! BUT I am staying up way too late. Once swimming is over I should be ok!! Time will tell!!

Things I am looking forward to after September 11th: Running with music again, more yoga, cooking different stuff then the same ol’ every single week, and not drinking Gatorade/Skratch almost every single day!


Coeur d’Alene 70.3 Race Recap

5 Jul

Dan and I flew to CDA Friday night, and got in much later than we were supposed to.  We got to bed ASAP and just like that it was Saturday morning!

Stephanie, Laura, and I went for a quick spin on the bottom loop of the course.
Just to get our legs moving. It was crisp! We had a nice little ride and then I came back and did a transition run. I ran down by the kids race, which is always super cute!


We walked our bikes down to transition, got checked in, got our bikes checked in, and took a pre-race photo.

Dan and I went to lunch at Calypsos, a super cute coffee shop that is right downtown. I had remembered it from 2010 when I was there for training/IMCDA ’10.
Look at how cool the clouds looked. I would have died for that cloud cover on race day!

RACE DAY! Typically race morning, up too early, in transition to early, wait around, and wait around, then 6:15 it was all of a sudden: GO TIME!


Quick pic and quick warm up. The announcer said it was 62 degrees. I do believe that was bull shit. It felt more like 57 or 58. It was definitely colder than anything we had swam in this year.

SWIM: 34:08 1:46/m
The swim was a rolling start. I had never done a rolling start before. I really liked it. It was very civil. No shoving and pushing. I got in the water, started to swim not a whole lot of contact. I swam pretty straight. I did a little drafting. I warmed up pretty quick. My goggles were a little wonky and that could have been a big problem but it didn’t seem to hurt me too much!

TI: 4:43
Now I am very fast in transition…typically but this transition was ridiculous. We ran I don’t even know how far to get to transition on the sidewalk with no mats no less and then all the way though transition. That was a good 2-2:30 minutes wasted!

BIKE: 3:02:56 18.37mph
The bike is pretty brutal. Lots of climbing. I felt pretty good. Rolling hills for the first 15 or so miles. Then the long climbs started. What goes up must come down. It was windy. Not awfully windy but enough to piss me off(that does not take much)!🙂 Let me tell you going down these long descents (FAST) in aero, was SCARY!! I was pretty proud of myself. Finished the bike and was happy it was over.

T2: 3:11
Again, not as fast as I would have liked, same as T1, we dismounted our bikes, and ran along transition to other entrance(where we came in from the swim), to finally get into transition to run through it. Not ideal or even necessary!

RUN: 2:18:10 10:32/mile
Well it wasn’t the run I wanted to have. It started ok. I saw Dan and friends pretty early on. It was already hot and the crowds were great! I’m still not even sure what happened. I didn’t think that I had started too fast. I thought my nutrition on the bike was pretty right on. It just wasn’t my day. I saw friends all along the course which is always super fun. Erica past me at mile 5, totally rocking the run as usual!

{Just trying to survive the run}

I “gave up” mentally too early on the run. I started to walk too early. I saw Darrell a little past mile 9 and he was already on his way back. We hugged and reminisced about IMCDA 2010! I felt like I still had forever to go!! It was never going to end!!

I got it done finally! 6:03:28 Dang! Not the sub 6 that I know what I am capable of!

Quick story: IMCDA 2010 I ate this giant ice cream cone the day before the race:
I’ve always said I missed that sub 14 (by 2 minutes) due to this ice cream cone!

Well I ate this ice cream cone(a much smaller one) after the race this year. Maybe I should have eaten it before. Maybe it would have turned out different. Maybe not!🙂
I can say with full confidence that I will never race in Coeur d’Alene EVER.AGAIN!

Blue Lake Triathlon 2016

25 Jun

Well this race was 3 weeks ago. I figured I better get some sort of recap on paper before my next race(tomorrow)!!

Blue Lake is always the unofficial start to triathlon season. Everyone has been training through the winter and spring and very eager to get the first race underway.  I of course was excited because its one of my favorites.

I’m going to keep this brief since its been a while since the race, and the details are fuzzy!

We all thought it was going to be warm in 2015. Which is was and it was going to be hotter than it was last year. Ugh!!  We got to the lake it and was already sunny and warm.  (think: putting on a wetsuit while sweating: no fun!)

GO TIME! Swim: 0:27:49/ 1.42/meter

I wasn’t super pumped. I did quite a bit of drafting off of Laura, who is a stronger swimmer than me. She sights well and easy to follow. I felt like I was swimming pretty good. I had a strong start to my swim training this winter but for whatever reason my swimming hasn’t been awesome since mid-May. The sun was in our eyes the entire way out so seeing the buoys were difficult.  I thought once we turned around that should be better. But there was only 1 buoy on the way back and it was orange. The exact color of the caps in the wave in front of us. Awesome. At this point I lost Laura. But somehow we finished at the exact time!

I would say overall, the swim felt good. I had accidentally not started my watch, so not sure how  straight I swam. I was disappointed in my time cause I thought I should have been more in the 25-26 minute region. I have heard that everyone thought their swim was slower than they thought it should have been so maybe it was long!! (I will go with that)🙂

T1: 2:20 I was screwing around with my watch cause I had forgotten to turn it on but I was back before anyone on my rack!

Bike: 1:11:49 20.77mph

This was fun. definitely my favorite part. I saw Nik and Greg a couple of times. Mark eventually passed me. I saw none of my girlfriends which I always like cause I know they will always pass my on the run! I gotta keep my lead as long as possible😉

I kept my watts in check. It was pretty uneventful. With about 6ish miles to go, I did play cat and mouse with this older guy who did.not.want me to pass him. Then he was talking to this other guy and I tried to pass them both. They were not having it. I was pissed. I ended up passing the younger one and came in right before the older one. It was probably good. It kept my mind off the last couple of miles!

T2: 1:43 I got back before anyone on my rack. Booyah!! Of course they would all pass my on the run. I saw Dan and my coach for a quick high-5 leaving transition.

Run: 1:02 10:04/mile

First of all, I have been working on my run and I’m most sad about this. I haven’t averaged over a 10:00/mile at Blue Lake since 2010. (I had to look that up) It was hot. There was very little shade. I just wanted to get through it. It was very mental. I wanted so badly to walk but I didn’t. I just kept moving forward. I didn’t look at my watch. I just wanted to keep steady and that is exactly what I did. Erica passed me about 1/2 way through the run and Laura past me seconds before the finish. I was happy to hear the announcer say I had finished!


IMG_5471 (1)

2:46:13 not my fastest and not my slowest!! Fun day, always a fun race. Good practice for a hot race. Definitely an A+ for mental strength!!




7 May

Last weekend, we went up to Seattle. It was super fun but real quick….24 hours quick.  I mentioned in a past post that I was going to a Jasyoga workshop…well it was a teacher training. I wasn’t taking it to become a teacher but hoping that I would have a better sense of how to put together some “practices” for myself.

We drove up to Olympia Friday night and stayed with some friends. Finally got to meet the 9 month old Christopher.

We got to Seattle early enough to go to Top Pot Donuts. I know I know donuts before yoga. Dumb I know! But we are not in Seattle that often and they are delicious!!

Dan dropped me off and was going to pick me up 6 hours later!!
Jasyoga has a “mobile” studio so they do not have one of their own. They rented this space which was awesome.
I really enjoyed the workshop. Bree was awesome.
We talked a lot about balance. The yoga solution is: performance, injury prevention, and recovery. We went through practices, discussions, and critical thinking exercise for all the topics.

We didn’t practice as much as I would have liked. Definitely different than I expected but it was still interesting and I had fun. In other news, Erin(the founder) has just put out a bunch of new videos for balance and for runners so I’m pumped to practice some of those.

Dan picked me up and we headed to Green Lake where there is a 3 mile running loop.
He ran the warm up lap with me and then I was on my own with some hard work to do for the 2nd/3rd lap.

We had planned to head to the Oiselle store and head home but some friends happen to have a babysitter for the night so we went to dinner with them instead.

Super fun trip. We left early Sunday morning so I could come home and go for a bike ride. If anyone is wondering what Dan did in those 6 hours: I was pretty proud of him. He did a whole shit ton of tourist things. (I was actually kind of jealous)🙂

One last side note: We are still talking about the Top Pot donuts!!




Outdoor Riding!

3 Apr

Well I’ve had 3 or 4 outdoor rides on the schedule already. All of them I’ve opted to stay inside. It’s just easier. There are no lights. No stop signs. No strollers, kids or dogs getting in the way! I can get on the trainer and ride my time and get off!

Yesterday was the big day! I was going to ride outside! My trainer partner was out of town. I asked other friends. Nobody could ride. I was going solo!!

I went to swim at 9 and my bike was still on the trainer!! I got home at 11:15. I had to eat a second breakfast, knew I had to change the trainer tire, change the battery in my power tap, put the wheel back on….and anyone with a Cervelo knows getting the rear tire is not exactly easy!!

Dan had to go the burbs so he was going to drop me at Athletes Lounge so I could start at an easier location to start the ride.


I was off. First ride of the year. First solo ride in a long time. The ride was 2 hours and 40 minutes. I wasn’t even sure if I could do the ride in that time. I thought the ride out to the climb was longer and the climb itself (that I was riding 2x) was longer too. Maybe I could ride it in 2:40?!

The ride out was on dirty (hwy) 30. It was good. Flew by pretty seamlessly except for the gravel everywhere!!

I got to Rocky Point (the climb). The ride was really going to begin. It’s hard but good. 3.25 miles about 1200 ft gain!! I was loving the shady spots on the way up but loving the sunny spots on the way down. The way down wasn’t as fun as some other climbs. It’s pretty technical but I got down it pretty fast!!


I went up it a second time and felt way better. It was almost more fun the second time. I passed a different gal on both trips up. That gave me a bit of motivation to go faster when I saw them and made the pass. I was sure I was faster the second time but I was about a minute slower and averaged about 5 watts less!!


Just like that I was heading home!! I got back in the same time it took me to get there. (plus I had 2 more intervals to do) Right at 2:40! I stopped my watch and bob and weaved through 5 miles of kids, dogs, and strollers that occupy the waterfront on a sunny day!

Great ride and more confidence to ride again solo!! Just got my schedule for this week and I get to ride this routine again next week with longer intervals after!

Do you prefer to be outside? or on the trainer?

Shamrock 2016

22 Mar

I ran my 9th Shamrock…(8th 15k) last Sunday.  It was a rainy one this year….to say the least!!

Let me first tell you a little bit about my calf “problem.”  I thought it was a fluke. I wasn’t doing anything stupid. I wasn’t running faster than I should have been. I wasn’t running more or over training. If anything I am training less now that I have a coach telling me what to do!

It was sore. I rested. It was better. I started running again. It was sore again. I debated bagging Shamrock. I really wanted to do it but I didn’t want to compromise my calf anymore. The weather was supposed to be shitty!! Like way more shitty than usual. Rainy, windy, no fun!!! But it wouldn’t be the Shamrock run if it wasn’t at least a little rainy.

I didn’t want to go out there and have a crap race, in crap weather, and hinder my run training anymore. I was almost praying that it would be shitty when we woke up Sunday morning and I would have an excuse to say lets just sleep in, instead.

Well it wasn’t even raining when we woke up Sunday morning. We got up. I iced my calf, put some KT tape on it, ate breakfast, and got dressed. We rode our bikes down there with just enough time to walk to the start.


Dan hasn’t been training too much, so we ran together, took it easy the first couple of miles. There was a huge puddle taking up the entire street we all had to get around about 1/2 mile after the start. (guessing we lost ~15 seconds) It is so funny how people try to avoid puddles. Yes this one was huge and non-avoidable. I get it I don’t want my shoes to be wet either but its raining and suppose to get more rainy and wet as the race goes on!!

My calf was ok. I could feel it a bit but not bad. We started cruising up Broadway at a pretty comfortable pace. (which I think is usually about where I am at but because I am running a little faster these days it was better than years past).🙂 It was raining pretty good and it was cold. That probably helped my calf.

I lost Dan for a bit. I didn’t really take off but he wasn’t next to me all of a sudden. I hit an aid station and he caught up. We ran together for a short while and that was the last I saw of him.

I really felt pretty good. For not training much on hills, having a solid week of training, the pouring down rain, and this minor calf problem. I was feeling pretty good.

I was at 1:01 at the top of Terwilliger which is the end of the hills. If I remember correctly the last couple of years I have been at about :59 minutes at that point.

I knew it wouldn’t be a PR but I thought we will see how it goes. The downhill was fast. My calf actually felt really good and I was cruising fast!!! It was pouring but still fun!  I didn’t look at my watch until the finish and what do you know I PR’d by 5 seconds!

It was fun as always. One of these years I will break 1:30. Maybe next year!

Anyone else do a Shamrock run?


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