Triathlon Season is HERE!

14 Jan

I’ve been in “recovery” mode for almost the last 2 months. I have not been sitting on the couch by any means. I have been working out just not “training.” Yesterday I had planned on going for a ride. I had just put my pedals back on. Excited and ready for a ride! It was freezing…so I decided against it. I went for a walk instead and saw some great views of Mt. Hood.

The Portland Tri Club had their first meeting of the year last week. I feel like that is ALWAYS the official kick off start to tri season. Luckily enough for me it came sooner than later.

Andrea, Mary Jane, Scott, and Ilana pic credit: DL

Andrea, Mary Jane, Scott, and Ilana pic credit: DL

Jenna, Russell, and I

Jenna, Russell, and I pic credit: DL


I typically start my training in late November or December depending on how my last season was and what my upcoming season entails. I have a recovery period and then an "off season". I had a very late season Ironman in 2012. In 2013 my plans include Wildflower Long Course Triathlon. Its May 4th this year. A very early half ironman. Now what does that tell you? Not much of an off season. Plenty of time for recovery, which I did but I am just having a hard time getting back into the swing of things.

The weather may have something to do with it. Who wants to go for a bike ride in 30 degrees?! I think that it also has to do with my ankle. I usually run all year around but I’ve been doing these shorts runs that are not helping my endurance! 😦 I’m slowly building my running back up. I need to just snap out of it and HTFU(harder the f*** up)!

The triathlons I am planning on this year and some goals are:
Wildflower long course Goal: sub 7 hour
Blue Lake olympic Goal: sub 2:46
Pacific Crest long course Goal: sub 6:20

I have 16 weeks until Wildflower and I am excited to start training again!

Who is doing Wildflower? What race are you most excited for this season?

2 Responses to “Triathlon Season is HERE!”

  1. Andrea Matsumura January 15, 2013 at 7:46 AM #

    I feel honored to be in your post. You are an entertaining writer. This is motivating me.
    Too bad I sprained my knee this weekend. Rest though is very important. A post about rest would be good. I am taking the advice of my doctor and off for 3 full days. No work for 3 days! No working out at least a week! You know what, I see the benefit of rest, today my leg is better and it’s because I rested yesterday and did ice baths.
    Thank you Leslie for your good humored posts.

    • triathletetreats January 15, 2013 at 9:21 AM #

      Andrea—Good luck with your knee…rest is definitely good!! I will do a post about rest soon! Since I’ve been “injuried” i hate having to say that…i definitely know what it means to rest! I’m glad you like the blog! Keep reading!! 🙂

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