Chocolate Fest 2013

20 Jan

Where should someone who has a SUGAR addiction NOT go??
I had another nice, dry but very cold run up and down Terwilliger. Then all hell broke loose. I met Jessica and Tracy at the Oregon Convention Center(OCS) for the Chocolate Fest 2013. There were lots of vendors and samples to try.
JaCiva’s was sampling their truffle filling. The Chocolate Beagle were giving out very generous truffle samples. I had a dark chocolate coconut truffle that was AMAZING! Jessica and Tracy tried some wine at Barefoot Wine.
Tracy and I had a s’molder from Nom*ables. They were not sampling so we were just going to buy one and share it but it was 2 for $5 so who can resist a “good” deal and we both got one!! Abby even burnt the top of our mallows. She was not allowed to bring in her baking torch so we had to keep it on the DL. (Nobody tell the OCS!)
Jessica and I sat at Cocotutti for a long while trying almost all of their truffles. My favorites were: the peanut butter truffle and the vanilla caramel. I bought an 8 pack to share with my mom when she comes to visit next month. Lets see if I can have enough self control to wait until she gets here! 🙂

Tracy and I had a break from the truffles and caramels. We tried some chocolate cake and a chocolate brownie from The Dessert Tray. Holy Smokes…so good!

I bought some peanut butter truffles from The Chocolate Beagle. I’m anxious to try those. They had run out of the coconut ones.

We also bought some Chocolate Fest socks. I put them on tonight and they are quite comfy. I’m excited for a new pair of “long” socks.

How was your Sunday?

3 Responses to “Chocolate Fest 2013”

  1. Mrs. JLB January 21, 2013 at 12:00 AM #

    Sundays are always the best…jammies, trash tv, football, and junk food!!! And we got to FaceTime with your mom, so that was fun 🙂 Looks like your Sunday was amazing!!! Good luck saving some of those treats until your mom visits. haha. xoxo.

  2. MoM January 21, 2013 at 7:38 AM #

    Can’t wait for my visit!

  3. Eva January 22, 2013 at 2:19 PM #


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