5 Mar

Since I usually only write about how my swims are not exactly fun sometimes…I thought I would tell you about this morning!

We get to practice and our warm up is on the board. A less than usually swim to start plus our regular kicking, pulling, and alternating fast/easy sets. That was a little weird but maybe just different. I notice…he only has the warm up on the board and a question mark. Now that is usually a bad sign because that means we are doing threshold testing. BUT we just did testing last week so it must not be that!

We finish the warm up and he puts up another set of some 25 and 50s that are building speed and then fast stuff. He said this was going to get us ready for our BIG set.

At this point everyone is whispering…OMG are we going to do a 1000 time trial? What could we possibly be doing? He is being awful sneaky!

We got done with our second “warm up” set…and the cat was out of the bag….we are doing relays! I was so thankful we were not doing a 1000 TT that I did not care what we were doing! 🙂

Lots of sprinting which is not my forte but at least we would get lots of rest! We were in 3-person teams. For the 50 relay, we each swam a 50…ALL OUT!! My team, Sarah, Amy, and I came in third for the that relay.

For the 25 relay, we switched up teams a bit probably cause I am too slow. 🙂 My team, Richard, Alex, and I won the 25 relay. YAY! GO US!!

We rounded out practice with approximately 2600 meters which is low but totally fine with me. It was a nice mental break from our regular swims!

Happy Tuesday!! Looks like it going to be a rainy track work out. I guess they all can not be gorgeous out. Welcome to Portlandia!

What work out do you have planned today??

4 Responses to “A Rather ENJOYABLE Swim”

  1. kindlingwinter March 5, 2013 at 9:08 AM #

    Chris and I plan to join Las Vegas Run Club/Las Vegas Striders to get fit and to prepare for our very first race — the 5k! All workouts/courses take place in Summerlin, near to Red Rock, actually, and funny enough all meet-up locales correspond along a related Starbucks! We can’t wait to begin! We’ll let you know how we do, and when we do our first race! Thanks for sharing your inspiring stories!

    • Leslie @ TriathleteTreats March 6, 2013 at 6:36 PM #

      Awesome!! That is going to be so great! It is always better with a group! Looking forward to hearing about your race(s)!!

  2. discorunner March 6, 2013 at 11:37 AM #

    That sounds so fun! Nice work on winning the 25 relay!

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