Week 5 & 6 WF Training

6 Mar

How is it Wednesday already? I wanted to get my Wildflower weeks 5 and 6 up on Monday. Did not happen!

Here you have it:

Week 5 Stats:
Swim: 6900 Meters
Bike: 95 miles (60 road and 35 commuting)
Run: 21 miles

1 pilates class
0 strength (I had one on my schedule and I did not do it! First work out missed! 😦 Life Happens!)

Felt like I had a solid week. Lots of trainer miles. This was the first week I did 3 runs (including my first track work out…post injury). I could have done the strength work out but choose not to. I was tired that day and had shit to do. Next week I promised myself!!

Week 6 Stats:
Swim: 6100 meters
Bike: 100 miles (75 road and 25 commuting)
Run: 20 miles

1 pilates class
1 strength session (YES!! Got it done this week)

Another solid week. Swim miles were a little low due to the threshold test. Made it to 100 miles biking which was awesome and I did not even commute one of my days to work! Ending with my epic PR 15K Hot Chocolate race!

I can not believe I am already on week 7 of my training plan. TIME FLIES!!

BIG GOAL THIS WEEK: Long bike ride OUTSIDE! I am ready to get outside and tackle some west hills. I feel like the trainer is a great tool while building my base but it is BORING! 🙂

GOOD NEWS: Forecast looks amazing!

How is your training week going? OR Just your week in general??

Your Sweet Thoughts:

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