Final Shamrock Prep

11 Mar

I set out for a 12 miler today. A distance that I have not run in almost 4 months! I was not sure if I needed to take water? Did I need to take one Gu or 2? I totally forgot to put body glide on!

I did not set off for this run until 1:20 this afternoon. I got up late. I ate breakfast. I made some phone calls. I needed to clean a bit. Greg has been gone for 9 days. The house was not messy but just needed a little attention.

Finally I was off. I looked at my work out one last time.

Of course there was zero rain in the forecast but what do you know as soon as I thought about going outside it was raining. It was really just sprinkling but enough to get me wet. It was a constant drizzle/sprinkle for the entire run. I was glad I did my bike ride yesterday. I hope my peeps that I was going to ride with today did not get rained on!!

I was a touch nervous but that is typical for a long run. I did not want to think about it. I just wanted to go out and get it done with. I had things to do and people to see!

I wanted to start out a little conservatively. That did not work out because my first 2 miles were 9:57 and 9:30. I think that was a touch too fast for this work out but ended up being ok! I tried to keep my breathing in check on the uphills and keep good form on the downhills (per Coach’s orders).

I got to the turn around point on Terwilliger(and the top point of the Shamrock 15K) in 59 minutes. Felt good. I only had downhill and flats for the majority of the last 6 miles.

I saw some friends on the water front as I approached the 9.97 mile mark. I chatted with them for a few and had a welcomed break!! I was off to finish the run. I finished strong. 12.13 miles in 2:00. Average pace: 9:54.


I am glad this week is over. Final hill repeats and final long run in preparation for the Shamrock 15K are finished!

Who is doing a Shamrock run? OR St Patrick’s Day run? What distance?

5 Responses to “Final Shamrock Prep”

  1. olivetorun March 11, 2013 at 9:35 AM #

    Nice work on the run this weekend!
    There is a St. Patrick’s Day related run this weekend at my school. Completely informal but should be fun with all the kids.

  2. Eva March 12, 2013 at 12:09 PM #

    yay! you got it done

    shamrock will be awesome this weekend


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