To REST or Not to REST?!

14 Mar

I have been a little under the weather the past couple of days! 🙂 The worst of it was Tuesday afternoon through yesterday early evening. I had planned to do my bike test last night but decided to go over to PS’ house so he could take care of me cook me dinner instead. I felt like putting off the bike test would be good because 1) I was feeling not 100% and 2) I just wanted to relax!

It is always tough for me to miss a work out. Even if I am not feeling so hot, I typically feel better after a work out so I usually just suck it up and go! This time around I have had this cough that just will not go away! I guess that is what is going around right now! If I am on the back-end of it I will be happy and my poor patients will be happy too!

I made another executive decision and skipped swim practice this morning. I decided it would be best if I slept in and swam later in the day. I also had a massage scheduled at 9:45. That would have normally been fine because my work out would have been done by that time but I went to the massage first and then hit the pool.

I have not swam in a yard pool in I do not even know how long. FOREVER! I decided to hit up the Hollywood 24hr fitness. I have never swam there before but heard good things. It has 6 lanes and it is a saline pool. I got there and there was NO ONE in the pool I could not believe it. It was lunch time too! I got in and it felt great. I am not sure if it was just the change of scenery. OR if it was because it was shorter than I am used to. OR if I was loose from the massage. OR if I had taken an extra rest day. WHO KNOWS! All I know is I had a great swim!

After the swim I went home to make these tacos:

Outside Magazine: March 2013

Outside Magazine: March 2013

Another good thing reason why I like having Greg as a roommate is: He subscribes to a ton of magazines. Outside is one of them. I do not think they usually have recipes but this edition did. I ended up making more of a taco salad then tacos.

They were good. A little blah so I added some salsa and that helped. I love salsa and I add it to just about anything I can!

The most exciting news of the day is I am going to a local chocolate company workshop tonight. Should be fun. More details tomorrow!!!

Do you work out when you are sick? Does it make you feel better? What is your favorite chocolate?

One Response to “To REST or Not to REST?!”

  1. MoM March 14, 2013 at 3:34 PM #

    I heard you are not suppose to work out when you don’t feel good – and if you have a fever or cold – you should NOT get a massage. But, like you, I would skip the work out and get the massage. Daughter like Mother – you don’t fall far from the tree 🙂

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