Shamrock EVE

16 Mar

Well it is the Saturday before the Shamrock 15k. This will be my fifth year running the 15K. This will be the first year I run it on rested legs. In 2009-2011, like this year, I was training for Wildflower. I had crazy hard bike rides the day before Shamrock all 3 years. Last year I had been back from New Zealand for less than a week and decided to take a “quick” trip with Kara to DC to do the RNR inaugural DC 1/2 Marathon. I had an accidental PR there but I was short on the Shamrock PR by about 1 minute. What can you do?

This year is different I have a coach and he gave me a plan heading into this race. It really just happened to be a rest week which was awesome! I thought, after Hot Chocolate, I will be able to kill Shamrock. Then it happened I got sick this week. Stupid cough! I feel better but will I be able to perform tomorrow? The weather is not in our favor either. Typical!! I will try hard and hope to succeed. Even if it is just by a couple of seconds!!

This is what I have decided to wear. Definitely did not want to wear last years shirt but I do not have another green shirt. I checked 2 running stores and all there green/St Patrick’s Day stuff was at the expo. I guess I should have gone there! What is done is done. I will suck it up and wear it!

In better news! It is a holiday and I love to bake on holidays. I had grand plans but at 9:30 last night I was finally thinking about it and looking at recipes. My mom told me I should make these:

I got this from who got it from!

I got this from who got it from!

Katie, my sister-in-law’s sister-in-law, made something similar at Christmas this year. Delicious. A rolo melted on a pretzel. This recipe was super cute and similar: Three Leaf Chocolate Clovers from She Scribes. I ended up usually a rolo instead of a Hershey’s kiss and did not have the patience for the stem. Other problems in the kitchen prevented me from that. 😦

Before I show you mine. Here was another problem. I got a giant bag of MnM’s so I could take out all of the green ones.
I knew when I saw the bowl of green, there was no way there was going to be enough. 😦 I used a couple other colors. On a side note, does anyone remember when the BLUE MnM came out? That seemed so long ago so I looked it up. HOLY SMOKES…1995!! WOW it was a long time ago!!





Cute…but they do not really look like clovers. They do taste good. I now have a huge bag of plain MnMs that will got to waste I will take to work.

Secondly, I wanted to make some Green Velvet Whoopie Pies. Now had I had a girl roommate and not Greg I would probably have a whoopie pie pan. I thought I do not need a pan. I will just make them like drop cookies…Nope…TOO RUNNY. Now what? I was going to just make one GIANT whoopie pie. Another idea came up… I will use cookie cutters to make them cookies. Another bad idea in the kitchen TODAY!!! They were way too thick! I had way too much frosting. Plus I had a gigantic mess!!

I got some looking kind of looking like whoopie pies. Some were just frosted like mini cakes.

They were good but I have A LOT OF SCRAPES AND FROSTING left.


Put those directly in the freezer. I am going to try to come up with something creative to do with it before Greg asks what it is and why is it in the freezer!!?? 🙂 Hard day in the kitchen!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Who is racing tomorrow? Or today? Good Luck to anyone who is racing or speculating!!

2 Responses to “Shamrock EVE”

  1. Mrs. JLB March 19, 2013 at 12:28 AM #

    Yes, looks like you had a VERY hard kitchen day. But it’s the thought that counts 🙂

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