Hill Repeats + Friday Favorites

22 Mar

Hill repeats were on the schedule today. I actually like doing them because I feel so much stronger when I am finished. Now that the Shamrock 15K is done and over with I do not have to make the “trek” over to Terwilliger anymore. I am excited to note that I had another successful change of scenery run today. I still have not done much exploring in the way of running in my new ‘hood so I set out for a new hill today.

I took my 20 minute warm up to scope out some hills. I knew I would need to run more east because there were plenty of hills over there. I just needed one that would take me 90 seconds to get up! I found a perfect one but it had a stop sign in the middle so I bagged that idea. I ended up using the top half of the hill instead. It was nice because there was a curve in the middle so I could not see what was coming!! I did 6×90 second repeats. It was a good hill. I was happy with my performance. But I will definitely look for a new hill next week.

1- NEW Nuun flavors are out and I am happy to report I bought all 3 new flavors today. I only tried the watermelon. It was good. I love the flavor of watermelon because it reminds me of summer. I am super excited for this summer. It will be here in a couple of months!! I am looking more forward to the lemonade and cherry limeade. I will report on those once I try them.

Nuun has made the announcement that their application process is open for their HTC teams. I am nervous because I really want to get on the team but I need to submit a “creative” application. I have no idea what I am going to do nor do I know how to make a video. I barely know how to use YouTube let alone make a video and put it on YouTube!! 😦 WISH ME LUCK!!

2- Breyer’s Reese’s Peanut Butter cup Blasts Ice Cream

I am not sure why I am obsessed with this ice cream right now. It is freezing outside. It is an icebox in my house. I just love it! I originally bought it because it was on sale at Fred Meyer. I left it over at PS’ house. I thought it was probably best if I leave it over there. I am actually very proud of myself at how I moderated it. I still have some too. True Statement!!!

Bad news: I saw it was on an even bigger sale at Safeway today. I bought some. We will see how long I can make it last!

3- Triathlon Season! It is here! I am knee-deep into my training and loving life. I think it is a good thing I took last year off from Wildflower because I am super excited to do it again this year. Maybe I have forgotten how hard it really is. We will see how I excited I am the week before! 🙂
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What are you excited about RIGHT NOW? What is one of your friday favorites?

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