Long Easter Ride

31 Mar

Happy Easter!!

I was set to do a 60ish mile ride today. The sun was shinning, for the second day in a row. How did we become so lucky? I ALWAYS get nervous when it is nice during this part of the year. It is SUPPOSED TO be raining. Believe me I do not mind when it is not raining. I just would rather it rain now than in the middle of summer. I was riding down by the Columbia River last week and it is so low. It is March. The river should not be low. I am sure the Willamette is low too it is just harder to tell.

Back to the ride. Greg and I set off to meet for the Portland Tri Club ride. We were rolling out at 9 sharp. We got there and there was probably 15 of us. It was so exciting. I am sure it was because the sun was making an appearance today. I thought nobody would be there because it was Easter. I was WRONG! So FUN!

We rode out the dirty 30. (Highway 30…lots of gravel and big trucks…not great but it takes us to places that are worth riding!) We warmed up. We did a loop around Sauvies Island. We pushed the pace pretty good for those 12miles of flats. We had our first meet up/break point. 23ish miles into it.

From here we rode a little more on dirty 30 to get us to our “climb of the day.” Rocky Point!! I have never climbed it before. I am not sure why. I have heard good things about. Longer then Newberry and Logies but not as steep? They did warn me that there was a steep pitch about 100ft that was definitely out of the saddle. I started up it. It was a nice climb. Not easy but doable. The steep pitch came…it was hard. 😦 I knew it was just over 3 miles. I just kept chipping the mile markers away. Not fast but I was taking in the scenery that everyone said was so awesome!

Finally at the top. I was thinking there was going to be this awesome view. I was wrong, AGAIN!

We had our 2nd re-group here. Lots of trees but no view of the city or mountains. WEIRD! But there was this sign:
I thought it was funny because the climb was over 3 miles and the sign says 2?! Just an observation! 🙂

We rolled out on Skyline. My favorite part of a ride = ROLLERS. So. Much. Fun. About 20 miles of this. This was where all the view are. Imagine this: Mt Rainer, Mt St. Helens, and Mt. Adams…all covered in snow. GORGEOUS. Did we ever stop to take a picture? NO! SORRY!

We hit our last rest stop at about mile 46ish. This is where my Garmin shut off. I thought it had enough juice to get through the ride but I was wrong. (I was feeling a trend here)

We had an awesome ride in the sun today! Greg and I said our good-byes to the group and headed home. I had a transition run to do. He said hell no was he doing a transition run but when I got home he was mowing the lawn cause it was looking like a jungle. I finished and promptly laid on the grass and did my stretches!

Did I mention it was sunny?? #loveportland

What did you do for Easter?

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