Week 9 & 10 wrap up

1 Apr

Week 9 of my Wildflower training was a goodie. I had a couple good swims, runs, and rides. More importantly the weather was dry for all my festivities! I am getting anxious to get some longer rides in. 37 miles on the bike just is not long enough! But I am feeling good and I trust my coach. That being said we will see how I feel in the next couple of weeks!

Week 9 WF Training Stats
Swim: 6400 meters
Bike: 112 miles (77 road and 35 commuting)
Run: 21 miles
1 Pilates session
1 strength session

Week 10 of Wildflower training was relatively good. All of my rides were good. Both swims I was tired. I guess it shows because Chris asked if I was tired. 😦 My first 2 runs were good. My long run was not as good. Running is my weakness I think that is why I hate having a bad run. I love to run and do not have a bad run very often so when I have one it is no fun!! I am super pumped for week 11. I am excited to run a half marathon at the end of it!

Week 10 WF Training Stats
Swim: 6550 meters
Bike: 131 miles (100 road and 31 commuting)
Run 22 miles
1 Pilates session
1 strength session

Week 11 here we come! Ready or not!?!?

In other news, my Nuun Application has been submitted!

I will post the video after the deadline so if you want to see you can!!

Happy Fools Day!! Did anyone pull a good prank on anyone? Or get a prank pulled on them?

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