Tales of my Commute #2

3 Apr

Is it just me or am I the only blogger that tells stories?! Well here is another one. I promise it will be quick because I have to pack for San Fran and finish making a Holy Cow Cake. (I am going to do a How-to-Make-A-Holy-Cow-Cake soon, you are going to die, or maybe just like it!!)

I have talked about my commute before. It is now over 7 miles. If it was 7 miles just riding it would take no time at all BUT I have to ride through downtown. I could go down and around by the waterfront but there are people, dogs, strollers, kids, skateboards, and all kinds of other shenanigans! I would rather just stay on the road even if I have to stop every block!!

I rode my road bike this morning to work so I could ride after work. It is always a treat to ride my road bike instead of my commuter because it is easier and faster! This mornings commute was awesome. I left a tad after I usually do and got there a tad before I usually do. SCORE!! I got ALL the lights going up BROADWAY!! DOUBLE SCORE!! Awesome commute this morning. Wish they all could be like that!

I leave work late. I go and do a short (shorter than I wanted) ride then I make my way home. It is all good. Then I hit downtown! 😦 So slow! I literally have to clip out at EVERY. SINGLE. LIGHT. I get stuck behind cars that are going way too slow. I get stuck behind bikes that are going too slow. I finally get through downtown. FINALLY. Then I get stuck behind a few others cyclists. I make my move going up to the bridge. Another relief.

I can not catch a break for anything. I get over the bridge and there is something going on at the Rose Garden. More cars and MORE bikes!! I get stuck again behind 4 bikes. Pass 1. Finally on to Williams and I pass the other 3. Either I was feeling really strong or they were weak. I am NOW home FREE! PYSCH! I get to my last light and there are 2 hipsters sitting there. One is complaining that his butt hurt. The light turns and I pass them. Because I am a chick there was no way they were going to let that happen! They proceed to get right in front of me, slow down, and pretend they did nothing wrong. I was so over it. I did stop and take a picture of this:

Cori over at Olive To Run has a challenge. To take a picture of something CRAZY while out on a run. Anytime I see something crazy I do not have my camera. 😦 I did see this heart on a run the other day and did not have a camera/phone so I just stopped tonight. Took a pic to submit for the challenge. It is not crazy but cute!

I made it home!! I am off to finish the cake! Stand-by you are going to love that post!!

How is your commute? Do you want to slit your wrists? Or is it reasonable? Anyone baking anything good?

5 Responses to “Tales of my Commute #2”

  1. Change of Pace April 4, 2013 at 7:31 AM #

    You really couldn’t catch a break! It sure is frustrating when men won’t let a woman pass them!
    The thing I’m most amazed at is how many cyclists you encounter!

    • Leslie @ TriathleteTreats April 4, 2013 at 4:07 PM #

      It was so SAD….I just wanted to get home!!!

      Portland is a MECCA for cyclists. One day I will sit at the bottom of the bridge (that I go up and down) during the morning commute..and make a video…It is crazy! Soooo many cyclists!!

  2. tribalancegirl April 4, 2013 at 12:59 PM #

    I love your story and the exciting pace (or lack of) your commute. Doesn’t it just work every NERVE in your body when boys just cant let it go that a girl is passing them. Experienced the same thing!
    3 years ago I was stationed in LA and my husband was stationed in Camp Pendleton. We had a commute from HELL! I was also training for my half ironman at the time. Yes… I literally wanted to cry daily. Now, we’re on the east coast and my only commute is to the trails. LOVE IT. Can’t wait to read about your cake post.

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