Bend Training Camp

12 May

Friday: Greg, Alex, and I arrive at camp. They were in the tree house and I was in the girl’s house. We arrived about 4pm and hung out at our respective houses. We met some new people and mingled with some people we knew.

We received a bunch of swag from Power Bar and Newton. Love free stuff!

Jenny, Joann, Diana, (all from Olympia, WA) and I were sharing a huge house. Gorgeous house. It was time to go for our first camp activity. 45 minute easy run!

Jenny, Joann, Diana, Me

Jenny, Joann, Diana, Me

We met up with all the campers and set off for our run. We did a warm up. Did some 15 second pickups and 45 second pickups. Just a shakeout run to get our legs ready for this weekend.

We had chili, rice, and salad for dinner. Chocolate chip cheesecake for dessert! Excellent!

Ryan, from Garmin, came to talk to us about what our Garmin’s could do. It was nice to get some info because I basically use it for time and pace. I knew it could do a lot, I just needed someone to SHOW ME!

I am pretty excited to download my data from Wildflower and this weekend’s shenanigans! Should show me some pretty cool data. Just one more thing that I have to do every day! 

Saturday: 84 mile bike ride. We set out to ride up to almost to the top of Mt. Bachelor. We turned off and descended down toward Sunriver. Rode all the way around the base of Bachelor then climbed to the top to descend back down to Bend.

The first 17 miles was climbing. 2000ft to be exact! This stage of the ride is part of Deschutes Dash (I will be doing the Oly in July). It was hard right off the bat. I wanted to hang back. It was going to be a long day plus we were riding a big chunk of time tomorrow.

Approaching Mt. Bachelor

Approaching Mt. Bachelor

I talked to a few people. Tried to think of anything other than climbing this massive amount of feet! When I was riding by myself, I could hear some birds chirping. It sounded like the Mocking Jays in the Hunger Games. It was really funny!

Who knew I could take pictures while riding my bike!

Who knew I could take pictures while riding my bike!

Chris was at the top to give out water bottles. I was ok so I just kept rolling. Then we had a 10ish mile descent down (which is the big descent at Pac Crest—which I will be doing the long course in June.) That was awesome.

Our next stage was about 20 miles of rolling hills. But totally shitty road! Talked and passed multiple people. I was feeling pretty solid. I kicked it up a notch!

The next stage was another 20ish miles of rolling hills, to big rolling hills, to climbing up to Mt. Bachelor on the opposite side. (This is the beginning of the Pac Crest ride) I met up with Joann. We talked and leap frogged each other for a while. We met up with Chris for some more nutrition bottles and water. He gave us rice cakes for Lunch. I did not know what a rice cake entailed but it was awesome. The vegetarian one had white rice, egg, walnuts, soy sauce, brown sugar, salt and pepper. It was nice to have a savory snack instead of more sugar.

I lost Joann but Ben came up on me. He broke a spoke earlier in the ride and he said he had to bust ass to catch up with the group. We chatted for a while.

I am not going to lie. I was almost miserable. It was not quite a suffer fest but really hard. I just kept thinking I was still fatigued from Wildflower but I think I still did a good job.

Todd Lake

Todd Lake

We finally got to the top of Bachelor. It was cooler which was great. So much snow!! It was funny how it was so warm then got cool so fast then how warm it got again. The coolness was a great break from the warmth. The sun was coming in and out with cloud cover.

Back side of Bachelor

Back side of Bachelor

After we summit, we had a 20 mile downhill back into Bend. All in all a good ride. 84 miles and 6000ft of climbing. Bam! Done!

We had a short break. I got something to eat and took a nap.

Friday night we had a 30 minute run scheduled. This may have been harder than a transition run. We had a great dinner of lasagna, mac & cheese, and salad. Lots of dessert options. Left over cheesecake, apple pie, and brownies.

We had nutrition talk scheduled for the evening. But Chris is friends with Heather Jackson (Winner of Alcatraz, Oceanside 70.3, and Wildflower this year). She came to hang out and talk to us. So.Much.Fun! She was so nervous. She talked about her nutrition and racing.

I introduced myself afterwards. Told her I was at WF too but finished hours after her. She laughed! She was so nice and down to earth!!

Heather Jackson

Heather Jackson

2nd day at camp in the books!

Sunday: 59 mile ride. 2500 ft of climbing. Coach hates us! 🙂 Definitely a much tamer ride than yesterday’s ride. Legs felt relatively good. Rollers for much of the ride. But a stiff headwind the last 20 miles. I felt like it was zapping my energy and I was going nowhere fast!

The Sisters

The Sisters

We stopped at mile 40ish, got nutrition and water bottles.

Dave, Jenny, Me, Diana, & Joann

Dave, Jenny, Me, Diana, & Joann

Transition run after was awful. Only 2 miles but I was done! Chris told me that the weekend is designed to make you tired and miserable! CHALLENGE COMPLETED!

What a fun weekend. All things triathlon.

Have you ever been to a training camp?

12 Responses to “Bend Training Camp”

  1. Cami May 13, 2013 at 8:25 AM #

    I love how many photos you got! What a fun weekend :). See you Tuesday! (P.S. Obviously, I have now subscribed to your blog!)

  2. Kristen L May 13, 2013 at 8:58 AM #

    This sounds SO cool!! What an awesome weekend. Glad you had fun and challenged yourself on those rides too!

    I’m always scared to take photos of myself on bike rides! You got some good ones. 🙂

    • Leslie @ TriathleteTreats May 13, 2013 at 8:30 PM #

      That was the 1st time I have tried to take pictures while riding. Turned out pretty good and I didn’t crash!! I have a hard time taking my left hand off the bars.On the 2nd day all of the good scenery was on our left so I couldn’t take any good pics! 🙂

  3. tribalancegirl May 13, 2013 at 11:20 AM #

    So awesome and I love your last comment “the weekend was designed to make you feel tired and miserable!” I love that you embrace the sucky parts and see how great it is going to make you. Love those challenges.

  4. Change of Pace May 15, 2013 at 12:14 PM #

    Sounds like a great time with awesome training, fun people, and tasty food! i’d love to do a camp one year.
    I can’t believe you did all that a week after WF- way to go!

    • Leslie @ TriathleteTreats May 15, 2013 at 6:24 PM #

      Right!! I can’t really relax! 😦 Sometimes I can but I am a busy body as my Sister in Law would say!

  5. Kara May 24, 2013 at 11:09 AM #

    OMG this is awesome!! I want to go to a tri camp. Sounds sooo tough though. Awesome job on those bike rides…two tough rides in a row, you’re amazing!!


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