Flagstaff or BUST!

4 Jul

Happy 4th of July!

I arrived in Phoenix last night for some much needed relaxation. IT WAS HOT!! It was 106 here (at almost 11) when I landed. It will be easy not to work out and just recover from PC. Everyone says “oh you love the heat”. Well I do but I like it about 90 degrees when I am lying by the pool! Just happy for a break!

Jill and I drove up to Flagstaff this morning to get away from the heat. We were stuck, 4 miles, behind a “vehicle” that had caught fire. Literally a standstill for 90 minutes. We finally got moving and this is what was left:
It was a heavy duty truck with a 5th wheel. No wonder it took so long to put out the fire.

We still had this many miles to go:

We finally arrived in Flag about 3 1/2 hours later. We were just happy to be here! 🙂

Can you see the clouds rolling in?

Can you see the clouds rolling in?

We did a little shopping to stimulate the Flagstaff economy. We got an iced coffee from a college favorite: Macy’s. We Checked out the Art in the Park festival. We tried to go to Black Bean but it has since closed. That was the saddest part of the day! We ended up Flagstaff Brewing for sandwiches.

Sea Level Sucks shirt, black Patagonia shorts, & much needed Reef flip flops

Sea Level Sucks shirt, black Patagonia shorts, & much needed Reef flip flops

The last of our adventures was a stop at The Sweet Shop & Nut House:

Can you see the gelato all over my hands!

Gelato all over my hands!

We finished our day by watching fireworks with Jasmine and her family:

Tomorrow we are hiking Mt. Humphreys. Weather permitting of course. We are hitting the road early!!

What did u do for 4th of July?

3 Responses to “Flagstaff or BUST!”

  1. Change of Pace July 5, 2013 at 7:24 AM #

    Sounds like an awesome day (minus the traffic and fire)! I absolutely love Arizona and have been to the Scottsdale area multiple times but never Flagstaff. I’ll have to go elsewhere one of these trips! Have fun hiking!

  2. Kristen L July 5, 2013 at 8:00 AM #

    Sounds like a wonderful day to finally meet back up with your friends!

    I got out for a run and a swim yesterday morning. Afterward went to one friend’s house for some lounging by the pool (trying to stay cool!), then another friend’s for a BBQ and some fireworks. A lot of people shoot off little ones in the road around here, so it was fun to do that.

    Have a great hike today!

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