The Great Dessert Panini Experiment

28 Jul

When I was in San Antonio a couple of weeks ago we got this amazing dessert: Nutella Paninis. They consisted of nutella with marshmallow fill sandwiched between challah bread. They were dusted with powdered sugar and whipped cream on the side. After the request to re-make them, I did and Dan was my sous chef.

First step: Buy or borrow a Panini press. It was harder than I thought trying to find one. NO such luck finding one. Was I the only one that wanted one that did not have one?? I opted for buying one. Gotta love Macy’s sales.

Second step: Gather ingredients. Greg had some nutella and cocoa almond spread left over from his family’s visit. I had some marshmallows. We took those and headed to Whole Foods. We were lucky enough to find some Challah bread. Got some whipping cream. Dan had maple almond butter and peanut butter. We had enough ingredients to make nutella paninis and much more.

Third step: Make whipped cream. Just whipped it. No sugar added. None needed!

Fourth step: Start pressing. We decided that we wanted to try a bunch of variations. We just made them and tried them as we went.

First up:

Thoughts: 1 marlow was too much. It was spilling out of the sides. It needed something to make it more crisp. It was delicious!

Second up:

Thoughts: 1/2 a marlow was perfect. The peanut butter and nutella was the perfect combo! Delicious but still needed to be more crisp!

Third up:

Thoughts: Too physically flat. I tasted the maple more. Dan tasted the chocolate more. But it was crisper. Good but not our favorite.

Fourth up:

Thoughts: The butter made it more rich and crisp. Delicious.

Fifth up:

Thoughts: Boring! Not as good. Least favorite. Maybe it needed chocolate? Needed to be cooked longer.

Sixth up:

Thoughts: Amazing. Dan was sad he could not have whipped cream.

The Panini press in action:

FINAL VERDICT: The perfect Panini would have been nutella + peanut butter + marshmallow + butter on the bread + with whipped cream! I advise you to try lots of different things. A s’mores combo would be good as well.

What other ingredients would you try?

5 Responses to “The Great Dessert Panini Experiment”

  1. Change of Pace July 28, 2013 at 8:42 PM #

    I’m drooling right now! I think number 2 would have been my favourite, but they all sound divine! Sounds Iike you guys have fun experimenting!
    Ooh- I wonder what a few raspberries thrown in would add?!

  2. Kristen L @ DYL July 30, 2013 at 9:30 AM #

    Oh my gosh. This post made me ready for dessert and it’s only 9:30AM! Haha. I think nutella + PB sounds like a fabulous combination. The last one sounds like my fav combo.

  3. Kara August 7, 2013 at 7:43 PM #

    NEED. THIS. IMMEDIATELY. Do you deliver?! 🙂


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