The Calm B4 The Storm! IMWI 2016

14 Sep

Ironman Wisconsin was here!! Just a quick recap of training.  It went really well! I had felt like all my training days for the most part were awesome. I had a few not so great work outs. But I felt like my build was good and I was ready to rock n roll.  I didn’t feel burned out like I have in the past. I was mentally ready! I was really excited and a little nervous.  Mostly cause of the uncertainty of the course, the bike course especially, BUT I was definitely ready!!

My loose goals were: swim: sub 1:12, bike 6:30ish(wasn’t even sure what was realistic), run sub 5, and transition totaling no more than 10 minutes. I would love a sub 13 but the goal is usually to be happy!! 😉

We left on a red-eye Thursday night. I know. Not an awesome idea but I didn’t want to waste an entire day travelling. I slept on the plane pretty good.  I wasn’t too worried about it. We did the same thing traveling to NYC for the marathon in 2014 and it ended up working out well!

My mom and aunt were meeting us in Madison Friday morning, after a red-eye as well.  Needless to say we were all tired but excited to be there!

Our AirBNB host had texted me the day before and asked what time we would be in. I said early. She said 10!! I said perfect!! I thought we wouldn’t be able to “check in” until later in the day. We got there, “checked in,” and went down to the lake to meet Stephanie, Laura and Jon.

Packet up was a shitshow and it took forever.  I received all the goods and a pretty good back pack. My Whistler back pack is totally shot so I have been waiting for this weekend to get another!! It is pretty legit. Not like my one from Arizona or Whistler!!


We went for a quick dip and it was warm. Notice we all have long sleeved wetsuits. This was the warmest water we have EVER swam in. (73ish degrees) Hoping the rain would cool it down(which it was supposed to do later in the day/Saturday)


Dan, my mom, and aunt all were in tow during all of this and were good sports. We had an amazing lunch at Graze. So delicious!  Went back to relax (but not take naps-so we would sleep that night) and get organized.

The crew that was racing, significant others, and some family went to an amazing italian restaurant for dinner: Porto Bella.  We had lots of food. It was delicious and super fun!

Saturday morning: Another quickie work out: the 4 of us were meeting to go on a short ride/bikes to transition/drop off bags. Dan took my mom and aunt to the farmers market.  They were going to get supplies for dinner.


We biked the first 5 or so miles. Jon had driven the course that morning so he knew where he was going.  He told us about the course and what to expect: hilly and rough road.  I had planned on driving the course in the afternoon but it was later than I thought it would be when we got done so we opted to just go home and relax.


All the buoys were out! It is funny how 1 loop swim courses look so much further than 2 loops!! 🙂

My mom and aunt made an amazing pasta dinner.  Fresh pasta, veggies, and cheese from the farmers market.  It was delicious!!


It was 12 hours until go time and I was definitely anxious for the cannon to go off!!

2 Responses to “The Calm B4 The Storm! IMWI 2016”

  1. Kecia September 16, 2016 at 10:15 AM #

    Packet pickup is a shit show on Friday, that is why we always come on Thursday at this venue…we can get in and out without having to wait in lines. That pre race meal looks AH-MAZING! I hope it was as yummy as it looks 🙂 I can’t wait to read about your race day! I still have to finish up my pre-race post and race day post. For this being a short week, it sure has been a long one! 😉

    • Leslie @ TriathleteTreats September 18, 2016 at 12:29 PM #

      I think if we had waited a little while to go to packet pick up I think it would have been better! Everyone wanted to get there when it opened! Oh well!!
      I wish I could have gone to the market with them but they brought home great ingredients!! 🙂

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