How to Decorate a Young Bedroom Wall Decor

Sep 18th

Paintings make wonderful decorations for a young bedroom wall decor, and it’s not as hard as one can think of painting one. If you can track an outline and paint between the lines, you can decorate your wall with a mural. Themes or scenes for a children’s bedroom can range from one side from her favorite storybook to a jungle theme complete with swinging monkeys and lion eagles. Choosing a scene can be the hardest part of decorating a wall with a wall painting. For objects that are in layers, like a frog sitting on a water lily leaf in the center of the pond, paint the pond first, then the water lily leaf, then the frog.
Paint a Mural
Determine if you paint the entire wall or part of it and if you copy completely from the projector or need background color first before projecting the image. For example, if you paint a meadow, you would need a large background area green for grass and shades of blue for the sky. Flowers, a swing, playing children and a big tree can all be projected on top of the painted background. Paint background color for bedroom wall decor with latex wall paint, brush and roll. If you create a pond, garden or other project with a horizon, draw the horizon first with an exaggerated wavy line where the earth or the water meets the sky. Fill in green and blue and allow the paint to dry.
Project the image on the wall just as you want it to appear in your bedroom wall decor. Place the corners if you cover the entire wall, or mark the place and size of the tree where the panda is sleeping or the castle where the princess lives. Place your biggest photos first if you create the scene. If you track, you can start wherever you want. Draw the wall murals completely before painting. Paint the largest pictures first with acrylic paints and the artist’s brushes or small rolls. If you paint an aquarium wall painting, paint the largest fish, seashells and other ornaments, then paint the second largest pictures, work down to the little bugs and air bubbles.

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