Old and New Mix in the Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Sep 19th

You do not have to live in a rural area to decorate the style of a farm. You do not even have to live on a farm. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your room, you are already halfway to the style of a rural modern farmhouse bedroom. If you do not, but you wish, consider installing one of the many false fireplaces that look almost real. Of course, these do not require a fireplace and wood. So, do not produce ashes or flames. The walls of Shiplap are a hallmark of the style of a farm.

Vintage Farmhouse Bedroom

Often white, but sometimes soft colors like the pale grayish green. These wood-clad walls add a warm touch that almost seems nostalgic. If you cannot coat your walls with real wood, look at wallpaper “so real that you’ll have to get close to differentiate”. Reusing, recycling and “doing things” are ways of life on the farm, and that perspective extends to the decoration. Bedspreads and the theme of farm decoration go hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly. You can buy a new quilt that just looks old to complete modern farmhouse bedroom.

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While in the fact you may be able to find a vintage quilt online, at an antique shopping center or at a specialty store. A whole wall of old shutters is an unexpected, and completely wonderful, way to add extravagant and striking style to the modern farmhouse bedroom. Rustic wood and reused items are commonly found in the style of the farm. For example, why settle for a traditional headboard when you could have a handmade and totally wonderful DIY header made out of old boards? And who needs a regular foot-bed when a vintage metal trough is such a unique substitute? They are cozy charm ideas of a master modern farmhouse bedroom.

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