Relaxing Bedroom Colors and More for Each Age

Aug 2nd

The psychology of relaxing bedroom colors is today the object of many more studies than in the past. And the experimental results confirm that the primary colors (red, yellow, green and blue) are able to arouse in us certain physical and emotional reactions. However, there are no relaxing colors in general. Rather, there are colors that can help us rebalance some aspects of our life that are not perfectly balanced, contributing to our overall well-being. Red, a color capable of stimulating aggressive reactions, can help in some anxiety-depressive states. Black, a color that we consider a funeral, is a cure for our self-esteem when we feel out of control.

What Is The Most Relaxing Color Ideas

Relaxing bedroom colors / babies and children
Hunting for soothing colors to sleep? Even when it comes to sleep, everyone has their own special needs. For example, the colors relaxing for newborns will be saturated. Because until the 8th month we struggle to distinguish the different shades of color. The ideal bedroom will have pastel walls, bright and easy to combine with each other. Perfect those that recall the womb, like orange and pink. These colors are deeply reassuring. It is no coincidence that according to psychology they are able to make us feel comfortable in our relationship with the other and to inhibit the escape-attack reactions. Less marked dark colors, especially those particularly cold like blue and purple.

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Relaxing bedroom colors for newborn
The most relaxing bedroom colors for the larger children’s? To improve the concentration and cognitive functions of young schoolchildren in natural shades, from beige to mustard to land. Relaxing bedroom colors for adults? The best ones would seem to be the shades of blue. Because capable of encouraging introspection and mental calm. An excellent idea is to paint the ceiling too, to make the room even more intimate and cozy. If you tend to have a pessimistic attitude towards situations, try to combine blue with a color that is a real antidote to anxiety: gold. Gold yellow, in fact, is associated with good humor and abundance and will help you not to slip from relaxation to apathy.

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