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2017 Goals

12 Feb

Well my big goal was to have all my goals done by January 31st.  Since January has come and gone, I thought I better sit down and think about it!

  1. Do the best that I can do.  Train as hard as I can train. Race as hard as I can race.
  2. PR…I am looking for a solid PR at Victoria and Arizona.  I’m not exactly sure what that looks like now but I am gunning for a sub 2:15 run in Victoria and sub 5 hr run in Arizona.
  3. We are doing really well not eating dessert.  I’ve been feeling really good.  I’m sleeping better and my work outs having been great!
  4. Dan bought me the Run Fast. Eat Slow. cookbook for Christmas.  I am loving it.  I’m trying to cook at least one thing from the book each week.
  5. Continue to work on my mental toughness.  Like all my other training, it is a work in progress.
  6. Blog a little bit more.  I’m not promising anything but I feel like I always have these great ideas for posts and then I never get them typed out.

That is it for now.  Excited for 2017. The year is already moving at lightening speed.  I’m just trying to keep the momentum up!! 🙂

What are some goals for you this year?

Victoria IS HERE!!

13 Jun

Well the time has come. Ironman Victoria 70.3 is here. Or should I say I made it to Victoria!
Ironman Victoria Coverage —-> Click here to go to the athlete tracker.

Goals! No huge goals except to have a good race. Feel good. No regrets!

The swim: I had a great swim at Hagg Lake. My swim at Blue Lake was less than Ideal. I think I am capable of a 36 minute swim. “They” say it all depends on the winds on race day. I swam for about 10 minutes this morning. The water is perfect temp. It is super clear. I saw a school of fish too!!

If I can be on my bike within 40 minutes I will be happy. Transition is bigger than I thought it would be, given the small area. I have a shitty spot in transition. I will have to run with my bike almost the entire length of transition.

The bike: I have not seen the course. My biking hills was not super awesome in the last 12 weeks so if I break 3:10 I would be ecstatic! I guess it all depends on the wind again and how big these so called “rollers” really are!!

The bike course is a lolli-pop. So an out to the loop. Ride the loop 2x and then come back. We rode the out and back today. It was better than I thought it would be. The road is kind of crappy but not bad.

The run: It it is cool and I have had a good race up until this point I think I could potentially have a good run. If I am having a good race than I will be in a good mood and positive about the rest of the day!

After our shake out run I am feeling good about the run. It is mostly shaded on a trail. What more could I ask for?! 😉 I would love to run a 2:15. I am not sure that I have ever run under a 2:20 in a half marathon of a half ironman before. They have all been hot and hilly! Maybe tomorrow will be different!
Molly and I had a nice quick and easy swim, bike, and run shake out this morning! I have been hydrating all day. I am off to dinner and then an EARLY bedtime!

If anything I am going to smile and have fun!

NYC Marathon Goals

31 Oct

Well it is definitely here! As we are flying to NYC on the red-eye. I can usually sleep pretty good on the plane but I think that I am too amped up to sleep which is really going to hurt me come 10am tomorrow today or god forbid Sunday!
Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 12.13.44 AM

I am flying on JetBlue and they have FREE WI-FI! Hello. It is like $30 bucks to use wi-fi on an Alaska flight! They also have better snacks than Alaska and Southwest! We are some where over the Dakotas I think as I write!!

I updated my last NYC post with a couple of new links if you want to check them out!!!

I wanted to write out some of my goals for this weekend.

This is one of my favorite motivational videos:

I really and truly just want to have a good race. I know I always say that but marathons are so hard for me. I really just want to have a good one! This is the plan!!

We are in the Blue Wave 3 Corral B. My bib number is 38446 if you want to track me you can do it here: live results or you can download the app (search for TCS NYC marathon) and check things out there!

We do not start until 10:30am. Holy smokes that is so late! But it is going to be cold so I am not super concerned with that. Bird Legs and I are going to start together. Run for a while and see what happens. I won’t be surprised if she breaks off after the 20 mile mark. I can only hope to be able to mentally and physically keep up with her at that point! 😉

We take it easy easy…too easy until the Queensboro Bridge. After that I hear the crowds get wild. Kind of go into a moderate mode at that point. If and when it feels good once I get over the 22/23 mile marker…Central Park then I am going to let it RIP!! If my mind and body are so inclined!

Training for NYC this year was a little different than training for Chicago last year. I was really set on making a BIG PR in Chicago. I trained really hard. I worked on my mental toughness. I had an epic 23 miler that was pretty much setting me up for a 4:30 marathon. I knew the stars would align on that day!! Well if you have been reading my blog since than you know that I did get the PR but it was not a big one. It was a tough race physically. I had multiple wrong-doings that were some my fault and some natures fault. Chicago was here nor there.

This time around I am hot off Ironman training/racing! I had 3 months to prepare for this marathon. (hard to believe Whistler was 3 months ago) I obviously had plenty of endurance but the race was still 3 months away. I had to recover and then start building again. Coach and I decided on a very conservative marathon approach. I was only going to do one 20 miler but lots of 16 and 18 milers. I was to practice my negative splitting. He asked me if i was nervous for only 1 20 miler. I said hell yes! (I have never done less than a 22 miler in training) But what did that 23 miler do for me last year. Almost nothing so what did I have to loose by not trying to kill myself in this training block. Maybe my body would rejoice!

I am reluctant to write any time goals but if all the stars aligned I would love to run a 4:35 on Sunday. My real goal should be:
Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 12.00.58 AM
Is this crazy or what? They are not going to tell that finisher until marathon Monday!

No pressure this year. I think that I was greedy with Chicago. All my runs were good. As much as I did not think I started off too fast I think I did just a little. It hurt me in the long run. Lessons to be learned! We will see if I actually learned it last year! 😉

I would be happy to start slow, enjoy the crowds, stay positive, make sure I have enough nutrition and hydration, SMILE, and finish strong. If all those things happen I should be able to pull off a PR: sub 4:43!! It has taken 5 years to get here. I am going to make the BEST OF IT!!! This is the New York City Marathon! Holy shit I am running another marathon on Sunday! Lucky #10!

What lessons have you learned while training for a marathon?! -OR- Racing a marathon?!

Ironman Canada: TOMORROW!

26 Jul

First I want to say thanks for all of the comments and motivation you have given me the last 6 months. The day has come. I will be “racing” my 4th Ironman tomorrow in Whistler, BC!

I started stalking the weather 10 days ago and it has mostly been in the high 70s/low 80s which is way too hot for me. I expressed that to Jeremy at our pre-race meeting. We put together a solid hydration plan for the week leading up/race day! I am confident that the heat won’t get in my way of the goals I have made!

Here is what weather.com said today about tomorrow:

Here is what accuweather.com said today about tomorrow:

I am still nervous but I have been pumping in the salt, electrolytes, Nuun, and water! I am set! I am not going to let the heat or the wind get me down!! 🙂


Goals: I have put some numbers together for tomorrow. I am positive and confident that I will have a good race! My training this season did not go as well as I would have liked. (the big big work outs) I did put in all the time and effort it just was not as fast as I would have liked. I just have to keep remembering all the long/hard days I was out there. The time spent doing what I love (just not on those days).

I have really re-worked my mental game these last several weeks and more confident now. That being said the course is no joke as I said when we got back from our training camp! I just want to go out there and have a good race and HAVE FUN!!

I will just give you a range of what I am thinking:
Swim: 1:08-1:10
T!: 0:06ish
Bike: 6:35-6:56
T2: 0:03ish
Run: 4:57-5:07

The low end of the bike and run I would love to do. If the day goes perfect or almost perfect it will be close to those numbers. The high end of the bike was my bike split in CdA and I just want to beat that. The high end of the run was my run split in AZ and I just want to beat that!

I would love love love a sub 13/12:59:59. I am telling you because everyone always says if you “EXPRESS” TO “EVERYONE” YOUR “GOALS” then you will work harder to actually achieve the goals!! I know that you all will be tracking me and I don’t want to disappoint you or me for that matter!! 🙂

Here is my number:

You can track at ironman.com or on the IronTrac app.

It is almost go time!!

Thoughts IN Arizona!

17 Jan

I made it to sunny Phoenix. The temperature hit 77 today. The high for Sunday is supposed to be 79. WHAT?!! It barely gets to be over 79 in the summer in Portland! It was cool this morning but it was definitely warm by noon!

We hit up the expo. I got some compressions socks on sale from CEP! That was the big score of the day. The shirts are super cute. I got some Nuun and another Nuun bottle (because I need another bottle like I need a hole in the head!) I also got a couple of the regular suspects: Larabars, Cascadian Farms granola, and Rice!! Good staples for a runner!! 🙂


We walked around downtown Phoenix for a bit and soaked up some vitamin D. Of course did lots of HYDRATING!!!

When I come to Phoenix I have specific restaurants I like to go to. It is so funny cause this is the only city that I like to go to the same places. Most places I visit I like trying different and new places. Today I stepped out of my box and went to a new breakfast place: Crackers and Joyride Tacos for dinner. Delicious!!!!!! Amazing!!! There is still plenty of time for my regular places! 🙂

NOW for the GOALS of this race:
1-To have fun!
2-To be positive!

I was originally signed up for the half. Dan decided that he wanted to do a full and I changed over to the full. Dan hurt his foot for about a month and wasn’t able to run. At that point I had to decide if I still wanted to the full or change back to the half. I didn’t think I could PR the half so I stuck with the full. I got all of my runs in. This cycle just hasn’t been as good as I would have liked it to go.

So here we are. I am running the full. Dan is running the half. The problem with Arizona is the start is a split start. No running any miles together. WTF?!! 😦

I am going to start with the 4:45 pace group. Going out REALLY SLOW!! At the half mark If I am feeling good I am going to start my music and try to pick up my pace by about 10 seconds/mile. If I am able to do that I will be able to PR. Again I am not looking to do anything crazy just survive and finish this race. 🙂

Here is my fortune from a PF Chang’s fortune cookie: SOAK IT UP! LIVE IT UP!! RUN IT DOWN!!! Marathon #8 here I come!!

Last 2013 & First 2014

3 Jan

I wanted to re-cap my goals from 2013 before revealing my goals for 2014.

1-Let my ankle heal. DONE!
2-Have a good solid race with a sub 7hour at Wildflower. DONE! I was hoping for a 6:59 that is all I wanted or needed! I had a great race. I never thought a 6:46 was possible. I say this every year: I never have to do this race again. Something ALWAYS pulls me back! 🙂
3-Bike around the rim of Crater Lake. I have a friend that is doing IMLT this year and needs to get in lots of high elevation rides. FAIL! I am dying to bike around Crater Lake but it never happened this year! The closest I got to Crater Lake was Cascade Lakes Relay!
4-Help my friend (from goal #3) stay motivated and finish IMLT. FAIL! My friend decided to back out of IMLT. 😦
5-Get on the Nuun Hood To Coast team. DONE! I never dreamt that this goal would become a reality. But it did!!
6-Be an AWESOME Ragnar Ambassador. DONE! I am not sure I was awesome but they did ask me if I would continue to be one!
7-PR my fall marathon. My weakness is running. When I say weakness I mean staying mentally tough at the end of a hard/long training run or race. DONE! It was not exactly the PR I was hoping for but everyone reminds me it was STILL A PR!
8-Continue to stay healthy and uninjured. DONE!

2013 was an awesome year. I can’t wait to see what I can do in 2014!


Drum-roll please…I am not usually a resolutions type person but goals are really more up my alley. You heard it first here: Goals 2014!

1-Train SMART for Ironman Canada.
2-Do the best that I can at IMC this year. I would LOVE to PR but is that realistic? I guess we will find out on July 27th.
3-PR fall marathon–that just happens to be NYC this year.
4-I would love to PR the half-marathon (this may be my least realistic)
5-Starting to incorporate strength/core into my weekly routine.

1-Continue to be an awesome girlfriend. 🙂 (I guess you will have to ask Dan if I am keeping my promise on that one)!
2-Finding a new job/career. Somewhere I can go and not be miserable!

1-Watch the treats. I mean really watch the treats! No challenge! No crazy hiatus! I just need to get a grip and get a handle on my “addiction”!
2-Meal planning. I have always been pretty good about this but now it needs to be extra good because a) I am training for an Ironman b) Dan is also training for an IM! c) I am not just cooking and planning for myself!
3-Try cooking some new meals. We just got Feed Zone Portables cookbook and CAN’T WAIT to use it!

Ultimately staying healthy and happy! Here is to 2014!

What are some of your goals or resolutions for 2014?!

Goal Time!!

9 Oct

Chicago is less than 4 days away! I guess it is about time I decide on some goals. I have been stalking the weather channel like it is my job. So who has time to think of goals! 🙂

This is what I came up with:

Now that being said. We are still 4 days out. Things can change. Does everyone notice the 68% humidity? Dang it! The few showers?? Dang it! All I can say is I would rather it be raining than 90 degrees. It is definitely going to suck for me and my spectators but I can handle the precipitation better than the heat!!

1–First and foremost: HAVE FUN!! Everyone says how much they love this course, this race, the spectators.
2–Take in all of the surroundings. The different neighborhoods, the landmarks, all the spectators.
3–Not have to listen to my music until mile 16. I have heard the worst part of the course is miles 16-22! Those are hard miles anyway. Let alone no spectators!
4–KEEP MENTALLY TOUGH! Dig deep when I need too. Keep running!

Go Hard or Go Home!
Dream Big! Run Strong!

Run Smart! Run Strong! Run With Heart! —> This is from an awesome Nuun teammate! Great motivational post going into this weekend! Thanks Kimberly

This is for all of the marbles! —> This is what you have been training for! —> Get it DONE!

Time Goals!
A- 4:30—> Perfect day! Everything goes right. From Breakfast until the finishing chute!
B- 4:35—> Feeling relatively good. Pace of my long runs.
C- Sub 4:45 —> Current PR.

What is your running mantra(s)?