Unique Painting for Rustic Bedroom Decor

Oct 12th

Reclaim your rustic bedroom decor with an unusual painting style to suit your personality. Painting styles ranging from complicated, Lazure style finishes to simple spray painting. Whether you want to sleep in a relaxing marine painting or surrounded by an eye-catching optical illusion, there are ways to make every bedroom a dream. This complex painting style is usually accomplished as a group work. Using a thin blend of water, binders and pigments, the color becomes a light wash similar to a watercolor paint. Different colors are layered on a white background to provide a translucent effect that can change shades and colors under different lighting.
Optical illusions
Reds often fade oranges while blues become greens that turn yellow. This soothing color style is perfect for a rich but exciting rustic bedroom decor. There are many optical illusions that can be used on a wall. Precision is important when creating an optical illusion because simple mistakes can cause the image to lose its desired effect. One of the easiest ways to guarantee perfection is to use a projector to place the image on the wall and trace it with a chalk or pen. After tracking is complete, paint can be searched for the desired effect. Two-color images can be easily created by painting the wall a solid color and attaching cardboard cutouts of the image of the painted part.
Complicated optical illusions can be created that appear to be on the way or seem to be hanging in the air. But these images require such detail and accuracy that it is best to have them painted by a professional or to turn a computer image into a mural by printing it on a large sheet of paper. Even artistically challenged decorators can create simple rustic bedroom decor. Using a combination of brushes and stamps, consider creating a simple marine painting garden image. Sea can be easily created using various shades of blue. Begin painting the whole wall a light blue for the sky. Then, from the floor upwards, waves create a darker shade. Fish and other aquatic organisms can be added with stencils or stamps as a guide.

Simple Rustic Bedroom Decor
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